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What are Teddy Bear Dogs?

Learn about teddy bear puppies and why these adorable hybrids are so popular. What are teddy bear dogs, and why should you consider adopting one?

These teddy bear-like dogs have become fashionable due to its personality characteristics such as being easy to train and very affectionate, resulting in a loyal family companion.

What are teddy bear dogs - gray and white zuchon puppy

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What are Teddy Bear Dogs?

Teddy Bears are the perfect name for these cuddly, cross-breed canines! These pups are a hybrid of different breeds such as Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise or even Maltese.

They’re also referred to in many other ways including Zuchon/Shichons, Maltichons, or Mal-Shis – depending on their specific mix of parents.

No matter what they’re called one thing is certain, with teddy bears you get twice the love!

How Much are Teddy Bear Dogs?

In general, teddy bear puppies come with a hefty price tag, ranging anywhere from $800 to $3,000 depending on the breeder and quality of their pups.

However, when considering a teddy bear dog, it is important to select an experienced breeder with proper health certifications.

How Long do Teddy Bear Dogs Live?

Despite their small size, teddy bears are incredibly hardy – offering owners years of delight and companionship with some living up to 15-16 years.

Grooming teddy bears is necessary to maintain a healthy coat, and it’s best to brush them daily in order for their unique teddy bear-like fur to remain tangle-free.

For teddy bear pup owners who give these little fur babies proper care and attention, they can find themselves rewarded with many years of friendship from these miniature companions.

tan teddy bear dog

What is the Teddy Bear Dogs Temperament?

Teddy bear dogs are known for their playful and affectionate nature. Their gentle disposition makes them excellent family pets and ideal companions for young children.

Teddy bears are intelligent and eager to please, making them easy to train. They love spending time with their owners, seek attention and are usually not shy around strangers.

It is important to provide teddy bear dogs with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise they can become bored easily, leading to behavioral issues.

All-in-all, teddy bears make loyal housemates who enjoy snuggling on the couch or taking a leisurely walk outdoors with their loving family.

Are Teddy Bear Dogs Aggressive?

Teddy bear dogs are a breed of small, fluffy canine with teddy-bear-like features such as short muzzles and round faces. Though they may look cute, teddy bear dogs can be just as aggressive as other dog breeds if they are not trained properly.

While teddy bear dogs’ physical traits often lead to them being kept as indoor or lap dogs, taken out regularly for exercise is essential in order to avoid the onset of aggression.

However, with consistent teaching, teddy bear dogs tend to be loyal and loving companions that make great addition to any family.

gray and white Zuchon puppy

Do Teddy Bear Dogs Shed?

Though teddy bear dogs have a noticeably longer fur length than most other dog breeds, they actually produce minimal shedding.

For those who have allergies or worry about hair all over the house, teddy bear dogs may be the perfect pet option.

However, frequent brushing is still advised to reduce any fur from flying away and creating a mess.

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Find a Teddy Bear Rescue

Unfortunately, you will not find a teddy bear rescue because these puppies are only sold through breeders. We hope you’ll consider adopting, not buying, your next pup.

You may have luck finding an older teddy on Petfinder or through your local rescue organization, but it would be unusual.

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