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10 Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

These small dogs that don’t shed make great companions! Learn about 10 dogs that shed the least and hypoallergenic small dogs.

When choosing the best dog breed for the family, there are many factors to take note of. One of the most important is to consider the amount of hair that they shed. Let’s face the truth. Not everyone enjoys cleaning up huge amounts of dog hair in every corner of the house!

If your furry friend sheds, their hair can get everywhere, including your bed, couch, and clothes. This is a big no-no for many households, most especially for those who have allergy-suffering family members. 

Tan Yorkie dog with pink ribbon in hair looking up - small dogs that don't shed

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Well, there is good news! There is a vast range of small, low-shedding breeds out there that are well-suited for canine lovers with allergies (and those who don’t want to clean lots of hair). But, before we look into the breeds, let’s cover some basics. 

Why do dogs shed? 

Shedding is normal for dogs, whether big or small. When canines shed, they replace damaged and old hair with new. Shedding frequency and volume depend on the dog’s overall health and the breed. If you can’t commit to constant cleaning, consider non-shedding dogs. Cleaning up can be time-consuming. 

Are all low-shedding dogs small? 

Dogs are often classified based on their weight and are usually divided into three categories: small, medium, and large breeds. So which dogs shed the least? It turns out, there are some breeds in each size category known for low shedding. Here, we’re focused on small dogs.

In general, small dogs are defined as those that stand between 12 and 16 inches tall and weigh between 10 and 22 pounds. These small dogs, more than bigger breeds, tend to be low or non-shedding. They are most likely to be hypoallergenic, too!

Teacup dogs, also referred to as extra small canines, are sometimes included in the size categories. They are smaller than the breed standard. Believe it or not, many teacup dogs only weigh 2 to 5 pounds! While the word “teacup” is not recognized by dog associations like The American Kennel Club, it is commonly used to describe super tiny pups. 

What’s amazing about these little dogs, small or extra small, is that they can adapt to a wide range of living arrangements. Their small bodies make it easier for busy humans to care for them. 

What are “hypoallergenic” dogs? 

You have probably encountered the term “hypoallergenic” a lot throughout your dog breed research. First, you should know that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. This term refers to breeds that are less likely to stimulate allergies in people. 

This means, if you adopted a hypoallergenic breed, this doesn’t mean that the furball wouldn’t cause allergic reactions in someone in your household. It just means it is less likely to cause a reaction, compared to other breeds. 

10 Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Tan and white Shih Tzu dog sitting - hypoallergenic small dogs

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu charms can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Known as lion dogs, they are very much loved because of their friendly personality and regal, non-shedding coat. They don’t shed a lot, but they still need regular grooming. Grooming a Shih Tzu is not easy.  

Some of them can be stubborn, and wouldn’t give in even if you give them treats. This is why for many owners, taking them to a professional groomer is the best choice. 

White bichon frise dog laying on wooden floor

Bichon Frise 

Depending on the haircut, Bichons may look like oversized cotton balls. They have naturally curly hair that brings out a feathery vibe when washed and dried. You will be surprised to know that they are so low maintenance. 

While they constantly need love and attention, they don’t require that much exercise and don’t shed. However, it’s important to keep their coat short and tidy. 

White Bolognese dog close up - small dogs that don't shed


The Bolognese is a cuddly lap canine known for its soft coat. They are sensitive and loving companion dogs. The thing is, they have a stubborn side. Even if you spoil them with a handful of treats, training them can be a huge challenge. 

An unyielding attitude can be a nightmare for the groomers. To make routine grooming convenient and relaxing for your canine friend, make sure that she is used to the process from puppyhood. 

Black and brown miniature schnauzer dog standing in grass

Miniature Schnauzer 

Do you want a low-shedding small dog that can also guard your property? Go for a Miniature Schnauzer. These dogs are easy to care for, thanks to their coats that shed minimally. That trademark walrus mustache and unique personality are well-loved by many dog owners. 

Miniature Schnauzers are purebred dogs, but you can find so many of them at rescues and shelters. Turns out, so many owners cannot commit to this breed’s routine grooming requirements. Low-shedding dogs need regular maintenance, too! Before adopting or buying your new pup, see to it that you are ready to stick to the routine.

Tan Yorkshire Terrier walking down sidewalk

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are playful pups you’ll often see in dog salons. They are doggie fashionistas! They are small and easy to care for. Despite their beautiful, silky coats, they don’t shed a lot. You’ll even enjoy contemplating on the best Yorkie haircut for your baby. Different coat lengths offer plenty of shaping choices. 

Black Scottish terrier sitting on gravel with brick wall background

Scottish Terrier 

If you are thinking of adopting a hypoallergenic small dog, you’ll never go wrong with Terriers. Regular dog grooming is essential, but remember to bathe your Scottie only when necessary. 

Overbathing can soften its outer coat, increasing the number of knots and mats in her hair. Grooming routines also vary, depending on whether you are joining a dog show, or just for an everyday clean look.

Brown and white Lhasa Apso dog sitting on grey floor

Lhasa Apso

Not much is known about the Lhasa Apso’s history, but according to the American Kennel Club, they are happy little doggies originally bred as guard dogs for Buddhist monasteries and palaces. They have gorgeous coats that grow long enough to reach the floor. 

Like Shih Tzus, their hair may grow long, but they are still hypoallergenic. Dirt will always find its way into their thick coat, though, so expect to find yourself visiting the groomers many times in one month. 

Black Affenpinscher dog sitting in grass next to stone wall


Affenpinschers love humans, but they find the company of grown-up owners more enjoyable. They are highly independent, intelligent, and like the freedom to play on their own time. If you are thinking of doing some DIY obedience training, you’ll surely enjoy learning time with your Affenpinscher. This breed responds well to thorough, calm training.

Would you want your Affenpinscher to have a long or short haircut? Several pet parents choose to give there’s a shorter cut to reduce the amount of coat maintenance required. 

White Maltese looking at camera with mouth open - dogs that shed the least


Maltese dogs are playful, low-shedding canines that need consistent grooming and exercise routines. It’s fine if you live in a small apartment, as long as you can commit to a 20- to 30-minute walk outside per day. If you have family members with allergies, this breed is the best (and smallest) option for them. 

Caring for Maltese also has its challenges, though. They can be hard to housebreak. They may also suffer from separation anxiety and bark excessively for no reason – only to grab more of your attention.

Black and white Shih Poo puppy sitting in grassy field

Shih Poo

The Shih-Poo is a cross between a Toy Poodle and a Shih Tzu. Shih-Poos are fun-loving, low-shedding dogs, just like their parent breeds. Similar to Yorkies, there are quite a lot of Shih-Poo haircut styles to choose from. 

The Puppy Cut is the most popular one since it is easy to maintain. After this cut, there’s no need to brush your dog’s hair for around a month! 

Hypoallergenic small dogs are the best pets for every household

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. As for man’s best friend, they come in varying crowning glories, too. Being allergic to dogs doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on all the love and enjoyment of owning one. Small dogs are often recommended as good companions for seniors and retirees, as well.

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