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25+ Colorful Names for Golden Retrievers

Friendly, smart and furry, golden retrievers are the #2 top dog breed in America! If you’re adopting one, consider one of these colorful names for golden retrievers.

Did you know there are three colors of golden retrievers? No matter which you choose, you’ll get that sunny golden retriever personality.

Golden retriever puppy sitting in the grass

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So, you just got a new Golden Retriever pup? Amazing choice! The Golden Retriever is one of the most lovable dogs on the planet. Because of their friendly and gentle demeanor, many people consider this breed as an addition to their growing families. 

Whether they are fulfilling search-and-rescue assignments, working as therapy dogs, hunting, or watching Netflix with you on the couch, Goldens are absolute scene stealers. These dogs even dominate social media. 

On Instagram, there are around 20 million posts under the Golden Retriever hashtag. One of the most popular social media canine stars on the platform is Tucker, with 2.9 million followers and counting. No wonder everyone wants to adopt one!

Adult golden retriever sitting on path in forest - colors of golden retrievers

Types of Golden Retrievers

Did you realize there are actually three types of golden retrievers? Although they look similar, they can be American, Canadian or English. They all fall under the same breed, but with subtle differences. There are also three colors of golden retrievers: golden, light golden and dark golden variations.

These differences can be spotted by observing the dogs’ coats and body dimensions. American and Canadian Goldens pretty much have the same build, with the latter having thinner coats. British Goldens have light golden to white coats, with a chunkier, stockier build compared to the two other types. 

No matter what color or type of Golden Retriever you have, she’ll still have the same happy and friendly disposition.

Profile of golden retriever - types of golden retrievers

A Golden’s Gentle Personality

Because golden retrievers have been bred to retrieve waterfowl, they are obedient and intelligent. Between that and their friendliness, they make great family pets. These dogs are very loyal, and love to play outside with their people.

Golden Retrievers are patient, intelligent, and even-tempered. They are also extremely loyal and eager to please their pet parents all the time. If you have cats, rabbits, and other small pets in your home, a Golden Retriever would surely be a wonderful addition to the household. 

These dogs are playful, yet super gentle with children and other animals. They retain their silliness until around four years of age, which can both be an annoying and amusing trait for owners.

Have you ever heard about the Golden Retriever challenge? Turns out, they are so gentle they can hold an egg in their mouth without cracking it. While there are a lot of other gentle, child-friendly dog breeds out there, Golden Retrievers are consistent favorites. 

Apart from being the best family dog, Golden Retrievers are also excellent working dogs and therapy dogs. They excel at tracking, agility, and retrieving games. You see many of them teaming up with law enforcement professionals to sniff out contraband. They are versatile dogs that can help humans with almost anything.

Golden Retriever puppy on green and white blanket - cute names for golden retrievers


Cute names for Golden Retrievers

Many people like to name their dog related to their fur color. That makes a lot of sense with Golden Retrievers! If you’re looking for one, take a look at this list of cute names for Golden Retrievers:

  • Amber
  • Ash
  • Biscuit
  • Bourbon
  • Blondie
  • Buddy
  • Buttercup
  • Butterscotch
  • Caramel
  • Cookie
  • Copper
  • Curly
  • Dusty
  • Fluffy
  • Goldie
  • Honey
  • Lucky
  • Rusty
  • Sahara
  • Sandy
  • Silky
  • Snickers
  • Summer
  • Sunny
  • Tawny
  • Teddy
  • Toffee
Adult golden retriever laying down with eyes closed - names for Golden Retrievers

Keep your Golden Retriever happy and healthy

Bringing a Golden Retriever into your life means experiencing so much happiness and good companionship for years to come. Aside from enjoying that unique friendship, there are other things to keep in mind:

Give them a high-quality diet

Golden Retrievers are prone to cancer, hypothyroidism, and lots of skin issues. They can easily become overweight, too. A healthy diet is important to keep your dog in top shape.

While she will eat everything you give her, it’s crucial not to give too much. Monitor her food intake. You can either cook homemade dog food, serve them a raw diet or buy premium dog food from reputable pet stores. 

Stick to a regular grooming routine.

This breed is known for its beautiful hair. Their coat is actually a double coat – meaning there is a soft, thick undercoat plus a coarser topcoat. Just imagine all of the hair you’ll see around your home! 

Their undercoat sheds a lot in the fall and spring. However, moderate shedding is still expected throughout the rest of the year. To keep your dog’s hair shiny and healthy, brush her 3 to 4 times per week using a slicker brush. Then, bathe her once a week. Don’t worry. Bathing Goldens isn’t difficult. They love water so much!

Show her lots of love and attention

Golden Retrievers crave human love and attention. If your dog can stay beside you at all times, do it. If left alone for hours, she may develop bad behavior due to separation anxiety and depression.

Do you know that some people call them “velcro dogs?” They follow their pet parents everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom!  

Give your Golden Retriever plenty of exercise

Golden Retrievers love to be active! Apart from regular walks around the neighborhood and playtime at the park, they would appreciate swimming sessions or a game of fetch. If a Golden is given regular exercises, she can thrive in any kind of home, even in a small city apartment. 

Provide mental stimulation

To help her stay sharp and keep her from getting bored, provide a lot of mental stimulation. Besides an obedience class, consider teaching advanced tricks. Cognitive training games can make your dog more intelligent.

Choosing a Golden Retriever is a great addition to a family. You’ll soon be saying, “Life is Golden!

More Name Ideas

White golden retriever sitting in field holding sunflowers in its mouth - 25 names for golden retrievers